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Custom Monthly Planner Calendars

Monthly Planners can be customized specifically for you, your family, your group, or your business or organization. Calendar customization is an affordable way to help keep your monthly planner clean, neat and sharp looking throughout the year.

Our customization prices are the same amount whether you have only 1 monthly planner created or 1,000 monthly planners created. Why not take advantage of the low price and get a group calendar printed?!

Monthly Planner Personalization Options

Add Your Own Personal Dates

You can add your own personal dates to your monthly planner. Simply send us a list of the personal dates you want printed on your calendar and we'll add them so you don’t have to spend time writing down all of your special dates to remember for the year.

Cost: $30.00 for up to 100 personal dates to remember added to the monthly planner. If you need more than 100 dates added, contact us for a quote.

Add Your Business Logo, Family Photo, or Group Symbol

The Monthly Planning Calendar bends and flips to keep it flat and easy to write on anywhere.  You can, also, put a clear cover on the front to show off pictures of your family, group, or business logo.Instead of having a solid front cover like most planners do, why not add something special to your monthly planner?

Send us your business logo, family photo, or group symbol, and we'll put it on the first page protected by a heavy-duty clear cover on the front of your monthly planner to show off your pride.

Your monthly planner can be customized with a picture of your family, a symbol of your club or group, or show your business logo. Note: The monthly planner shown, at right, has navy blue front and back cover and is folded back and does not have a clear cover on it. This is simply to give you an idea of how the monthly planner could look once it's complete.

Cost: $30.00 for adding your business logo, family photo, or group symbol to the monthly planner.

Add Your Website Address

You can add your own website address to the bottom of each page of your monthly planner. If you are using this as a marketing give-away or promotional item, this is a will help to keep you at the front of people's thoughts each time they open the personall monthly planner and see your website address.

Cost: $30.00 for adding your website address to the bottom of each of the pages in the monthly planner..

Our Monthly Planning Calendars are Perfect for Multiple Family Members, Group Members, and Business Marketing GiveAways

Our monthly planning calendars are great for advertising and wonderfully unique gifts for family members, groups, employees and marketing handout tools for potential customers.

Our Monthly Planning Calendar bends and flips to keep it flat so that it's easy to write on anywhere.

Let Us Create an Affordable Personal Planning Calendar for You!


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