Calendar Planning Tips

Make life easier with these simple organizational calendar planning tips. Our Best Monthly Planner, with easy to see Monday to Sunday weeks, simply makes life easier!

Get the most out of Best Monthly Planners™ by using these easy organizational calendar planning tips.

Color-Code Your Calendar

If you have several activities that you need to keep track of, color code them and only use that color for that specific item. Or, if you have a family calendar, give each person a color and use that color exclusively for that person. There are so many fine-tipped markers, with an unlimited amount of colors, that you can easily see specific calendar details clearly at a glance.

Best Monthly Planner™ User Testimonial: "I have a blended family and there are 8 people in my immediate family so you can imagine that life gets pretty crazy trying to keep track of everyone's schedules. My personal planning calendar has 8 different colors on it. Each person is assigned their own color and I write down activities in my planner with that specific color for each of their activities. So, for example: Joshua was assigned the color of blue, Justin was assigned the color of green, and so it goes on down the line. It helped me to use the colors that would be very easy to remember. So, I assigned (my own children) those specific colors because (when they were little) those were their favorite colors so it made it easy for me to remember and I can see what activities they have at a glance. For my step-/bonus-children, I gave them colors that fit their personalities. Using this color-coding system on my planning calendar, has significantly helped me to know at-a-glance when we're doing something - and with who we're going to be doing it with. By organizing my Monday to Sunday planning calendar with colors, my life has become so much simpler!"


Use an Organizational Planner With Tabs

If you have a planning calendar that has tabs, you will save time because those tabs will help you to quickly find the page that you are looking for - without flipping through page after page to find where you need to be.

Best Monthly Planner™ User Testimonial: "We've been using a calendar without tabs. Yours are sooo much nicer! The other features are a huge bonus, too! Thank you for making these hard-to-find calendars available!"


Order a Custom-Made Planning Calendar

If you want to clean up your calendar, or have specific things you need to do each month, you might want to consider having a yearly calendar made just for you. Handwriting even the most minimal amount of monthly tasks can fill up calendars very quickly with sloppy and/or large handwriting.

Best Monthly Planner™ User Testimonial: "I started having custom calendars made ‘just for me’ each year many years ago when my children were babies. This has worked very well (for me) because I my handwriting tends to be larger and, once my calendar is created with all of my routine monthly tasks, my calendars used to be completely full and I never had the space to write the ‘extra’ stuff that always cropped up. Now, I get to start out each month with a nice, neat and clean monthly planner that still gives me the additional space to write in all of the monthly ‘extras’. I find that there is so much more room and it just looks so much better!"


If You Don’t Like Your Planning Calendar, You Won’t Use It

We've all been there - using calendars those free calendars or the only planners that we 'thought' we might use. Don’t bother wasting your money on calendars that are free and/or hard to use. The reason for this is, if you don’t like it, you simply won’t use it. If you get a huge, fancy monthly planner that is too complex for you, you won’t use it … so, why waste your money? Get a simple monthly planning calendar that helps to keep you focused on the important stuff only.

Once you try our Best Monthly Planners, we don’t think you’ll go back to the others!

Best Monthly Planner™ User Testimonial: "I've tried many other planners and I love how big your spaces are! With my eyes, the light ruling on the calendars is a huge plus! I will be ordering another calendar next year!"



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